Sanderson High School AFJROTC

Winner of 15 Consecutive HQ AFJROTC designated Distinguished Unit Awards: 2002-2017

AFJROTC II / Healthful Living Description

This is part two of a two-course curriculum plan which blends Aerospace Science, Leadership Education, Wellness and the North Carolina Healthful Living courses. Students must complete both AFJROTC/Healthful Living I and AFJROTC/Healthful Living II in order to fulfill the North Carolina high school PE/Healthful Living requirement for graduation. In this course, students develop leadership, motor skills and self-discipline through class instruction, hands-on activities, military drill, and physical fitness activities. Academic instruction covers science of flight, leadership education, wellness, and drill and ceremonies:

Aerospace Science: The Science of Flight: A Gateway to New Horizons course focuses on the aerospace environment,

human requirements of flight, and the principles of flight and navigation. The course is designed to complement materials taught in math, physics, and other science-related courses and is aligned with the National Science Education Standards, the Math Standards and Expectations, and ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Students.

Leadership Education II: In Leadership Education II: Communication, Awareness, and Leadership, cadets are

introduced to an understanding of individual and group behavior, improving communication skills, and the introduction to leadership theories.

Drill and Ceremonies: In Personnel Drill and Ceremonies, the cadets learn military customs and courtesies, basic military marching, and ceremonial drill movements, and participate in flag raising details.

Wellness/Healthful Living: In Health, cadets are required to participate in weekly physical education training/activities to include fitness training and individual team sport skills. To receive Healthful Living credit, a cadet must successfully complete both AFJROTC/Healthful Living I and II courses.