Sanderson High School AFJROTC

Winner of 15 Consecutive HQ AFJROTC designated Distinguished Unit Awards: 2002-2017

Booster Club

What is the AFJROTC Booster Club?

The Booster Club is an organization of parents whose children are, or have been, cadets in SHS AFJROTC. We are the best way for cadet (student) parents to support your child’s interest in the Corps. We meet two or three times a year to plan and coordinate events

Why should I join? 

Just by joining the Booster Club, your membership fee ($25/family) will financially support the Corps for activities like Drill Competitions throughout the year, Military Ball and Sports Day in the Spring, and AFJROTC Booster Club college scholarships. Booster Club members also participate in fund raising activities. 


What will my child get out of my membership in the Booster Club? 

Studies show that students who identify with a small group within a large high school setting enjoy high school more, make better grades and are less likely to drop out. Your child will recognize and appreciate your involvement in an organization that is important to him or her. 

Booster Club

AFJROTC NC-939 Executive Board Members

President -  Bob Millikan 

Vice President - Dave Smith 

Treasurer - Bob Millikan 

Secretary - Sally Wagner 

Fundraising - Sandy Willey 

Fundraising - Joy Millikan 

Membership - Madeleine Bunga 

Scholarships - Kerry Campbell