Sanderson High School AFJROTC

Winner of 15 Consecutive HQ AFJROTC designated Distinguished Unit Awards: 2002-2017

Honors AFJROTC III Course Description

This is an honors level course in applied leadership using the AFJROTC organization as a leadership laboratory. Advanced reading assignments, writing assignments, practical actions, and analysis are requirements for this course. This course is designed to give the third-year cadet assigned to a mid-level leadership position a better understanding of leadership in small groups. As junior cadet leaders, these students will learn to analyze and determine the factors contributing to success and failure as they plan and execute projects and activities. Cadets in the honors class are expected to be active in after-school preparation for corps projects and extracurricular activities, such as the corps competitive drill team. Participation in numerous major group projects will be required to fulfill the product requirements of this course. Examples include the annual military ball and the corps competitive drill team (specific projects will be determined by the Senior Aerospace Science Instructors).

This course provides the unit's cadet mid-level leaders the tools needed to effectively run the corps of cadets. This course is a continuation in the study of Aerospace Science and Leadership Education. Academic emphasis is on a multidisciplinary course titled Global and Cultural Studies that introduces students to various regions of the world from a geographic, historical and cultural perspective. The course provides increased international awareness and insight into foreign affairs that permits a more educated understanding of other cultures and enhanced knowledge of America's interests and role in the world. Geopolitical issues such as terrorism, economics, politics, military issues, religion, environmental concerns, human rights, disease, over population, literacy, the migration of peoples and other cultural issues are examined. The regional areas included in this course are Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The lessons include excellent videos to provide a window into life and issues within the regions, followed by a variety of hands-on activities created to engage the cadets. Readings are also available to set the stage for each lesson, along with workbook exercises suitable for in-class or homework assignments. Leadership emphasis is on life skills such as managing others, stress management, financial management, citizenship, and ethics. Third year honor's course cadets put leadership skills learned in AFJROTC I and II into practice by holding the top key leadership roles in the corps of cadets. Physical fitness continues to be important in the cadet's development and is 20% of the curriculum.