Sanderson High School AFJROTC

Winner of 15 Consecutive HQ AFJROTC designated Distinguished Unit Awards: 2002-2017

Honors AFJROTC IV Course Description

This is the advanced course of Aerospace Science and Leadership Education for students who have successfully completed AFJROTC III. The fourth-year cadets manage the entire corps. Cadet corps leaders in the honor's class are expected to be active in the preparation of corps project s and

extracurricular activities, such as the corps competitive drill team, community service projects, curriculum in action field trips, Sports Day, Military Ball, and fundraisers. Numerous major group projects are required to fulfill the product requirements of this course. (Special projects are determined and approved by the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor.) Academic instruction covers management of the corps, leadership education, and wellness:

Aerospace Science: Management of the Cadet Corps course affords the cadets the opportunity to put the theories of previous leadership courses into practice. Throughout the year, cadets manage all aspects of cadet corps activities. All the planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, controlling, decision-making will be done by the cadets. They will put into practice their communication, decision-making, personal-interaction , managerial, and organizational skills.

Leadership Education IV: In Leadership Education IV.Principles of Management are introduced to a variety of historical leaders, leadership situations, and institutions are studied and cadets are required to write papers and make presentations on their research. Cadets apply leadership skills using the AFJROTC organization as a leadership laboratory. Advanced reading assignments, writing assignments, practical actions, and analysis are requirements for this course. A variety of leadership and management styles, personalities, and traits are studied.

Wellness/Healthful Living: In Health, cadets are required to participate in weekly physical education

training/activities to include fitness training and individual/team sport skills.