Sanderson High School AFJROTC

Winner of 15 Consecutive HQ AFJROTC designated Distinguished Unit Awards: 2002-2017

  1. Find all your sizes on your uniform

  2. Do not put spaces between numbers and letters (for example: 7W is correct, 7 W is not correct)

  3. For sizes that have fractions after, put a space after the whole size then the fraction (ex. 22 ½ , not 221/2)

  4. If there is no size on the garment then fill in the space with “n/a”

  5. Go to the link:

-Women’s link:

-Men’s link:

  1. Fill in each of your sizes in the appropriate areas

  2. Do not forget to provide your name!  Instructions on how to find sizes are listed below.

  3. If you have questions, contact cadet cadet Curran at (774)2007501 or cadet Lambert at (252)-670-9862

How to properly find your size on the ROTC uniform:

- indicates that you may or may not have this item

Full Service Jacket:

-You can find your size in the collar of the full service jacket

For example:

Lightweight Jacket:

-You can find the lightweight jacket size behind the insert near the collar of the jacket


-You can find the pants size on a tag that is located on the right inner side of the pants

Blue Shirt

-You can find the shirt size on the paper below the fabric tag located on the collar of the shirt

Shoe Size:

-You can find the shoe size on the side of the shoe box.

Shoe Size:

-You can find t your shoe size on the inside the tongue of the shoe.

Uniform Cover (flight cap)

-The size for the flight cap can be found (when cap is facing front) inside on the back right hand corner